Curious about what doing agility with your dog is before you join us? Learn more about dog agility below!

dog running through weave poles in dog agility

Weave Poles

Weave poles are one of the hardest obstacle for dogs new to agility to learn, mostly because weaving through poles, unlike jumping, running, and climbing – are not natural dog behaviors. At first, the motion is awkward and the dog thinks about each pole. Over time, the weaving becomes automatic, with muscle memory which allows him to move faster through the poles.

dog jumping through tire in dog agility competition erie, pa


The tire jump is a fun obstacle in the jump category for dog agility. Many people ask if it is really a tire the dogs jump through, which it is not. The opening of the tire is the same for any size dog.  The height, however, is adjusted for different size dogs.  

dog running through tunnel near erie, pa in dog agility


The tunnel is another agility obstacle for your dog to learn to navigate. The closed space, rustling vinyl, and shifting nature of some tunnels can take a dog some getting used to. Teaching a dog to run through the tunnel enhances the bond of trust between your dog and yourself, and improves the dogs confidence. Running through the tunnel is a rewarding experience for your pup.

large dog jumping in dog agility course


The bar jump is the core of agility, used the most in dog agility competitions.  For simple practice, it is fine to have one or two jumps. For more challenging exercises it is ideal to have multiple jumps in different patterns. If you are starting off in dog agility and wonder which jumps to start with the basic bar jump is a great place.