The guidelines to reduce the risk of exposure to the virus for Something Els Dog School are as follows:

Stay home when you are feeling sick or have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19 or when you have a fever. Please give us a call to let us know!

• Keep your 6 feet distance while outside and inside.
• Please wait outside until we tell you it is okay to come inside.
• We will open and close doors for all of you, you do not need to touch the door handles.
• We only allow 2 people per dog, this way we have very small groups of people in the doghouse at the same time.
• Wash your hands when you arrive and we have a hand sanitizing station in place, for your convenience.
• Wearing a mask is mandatory, unless you are fully vaccinated and it
has been longer than 2 weeks after your last vaccination. You can take your mask off when you are running agility. Your instructors are fully vaccinated.
• We have designated waiting areas in the peanut gallery (tape on the
ground) and in the training area the working stations (orange cones)
• Sneeze in your elbow.
• Do not touch any equipment.
• We have disinfected the Doghouse and we will continue to do so in between classes.

Thank you for your cooperation!