What is Positive reinforcement dog training?
Positive reinforcement, force-free dog training is a dog training technique that reinforces positive behavior with rewards and praise, while ignoring negative behavior. The principle is that dogs will repeat what is rewarded and stop behaviors that get no reinforcement or reaction. 

What equipment do you use for your classes?
We use Agility equipment, hoopers and barrels, targets, lots of enrichment materials, and toys.

May I observe a class before I register?
Yes, you may, get in touch with Els – 814.566.6458 to set up an appointment 

What can I gain from a class?
You gain knowledge about how your dog learns and you learn how to train and to communicate with your dog. You’ll enhance your bond with your dog and dogs with basic obedience training are a joy to live with, interact well with other dogs and people, and respond well to household routines.

Should I take a group class or a private session?
If your dog is people and dog friendly, group classes are great for you and your dog. In the case your dog has anxiety or does not do well with strange dogs and people, we encourage you to start off with a few private sessions. Once we have established a good foundation, we can enroll your dog in a group setting. Some dog parents prefer the private sessions because their dog will focus more on the work than they would in a group setting. Private sessions are great for dogs that have severe anxiety or are dog reactive.

Will you turn away any dogs?
No, we do not turn away dogs. Any dog of any breed is welcome, we believe all dogs can benefit greatly from dog training and socialization and all dogs need a job to do.

Can I visit your facility before taking a class?
Yes, you can! Make an appointment with Els at 814.566.6458 

At what age should I start puppy training?
Puppies between 8-12 weeks make the best students because they haven’t formed bad habits and they are easy to train. Do not wait until your puppy starts annoying you but rather start training early. Training is a positive activity and a great way to bond with your puppy. You are welcome at our training facility after the first round of shots, 8 weeks and older. 

Will my dog benefit from training?
Yes, any dog will benefit from training and classes. Depending on your dog’s character you can either choose to enroll in a group class or private sessions. Dogs were bred to work and we provide “jobs” for the dogs during our classes.

Where do classes and private sessions take place?
All classes take place at our indoor training facility ”The Doghouse” the address is 7789 West Ridge Road, Fairview PA, 16415, next to PHB Credit Union (take the driveway to the back of the property to the right side of the building.)

Is there a minimum or maximum age for puppy training?
Puppies from 8 weeks to 8 months old are welcome at our Doghouse. After 8 weeks we have classes for all ages!

Do you use choke chains, electric collars, air cans, bitter spray, or aversion training?
We do not use any pain-inflicting tools. We believe in positive reinforcement dog training.

What makes your approach to dog behavior and training different?
We believe dogs, like people, work better with praise rather than saying no all the time. Reward-based dog training leads to happy dogs and happy owners! Every team (dog and handler/owner) learns differently and we have an eye for what kind of training any particular team needs. We always stay positive!



Can any breed run agility?
Most breeds can do agility; however, we are careful with some breeds that are physically not equipped to do Agility, like the short legged/long back Dachshunds, bigger breeds like Great Danes and Mastiffs, or short snouted dogs like Pugs. That does not mean we will turn these dogs away; these breeds can do one of our other super FUN classes at our School or we will adapt our dog agility program to their needs.

Can my puppy do agility?
We have puppy agility classes where we teach the pups foundation training, there will be no jumping involved or the use of the A-frame and teeter. We do not want to put any stress on young dog bodies that are young and not fully grown yet.

Our age requirement for agility is 10 months and up, we always start our training session slow and with low bars.

What kind of training does my dog need before starting agility or trick dog class?
We prefer our dogs to have at least had an obedience class at our dog school or somewhere else and perhaps a Trick class, this way the dog has a nice foundation and listens better before working off-leash. If you are not sure we will talk you through it and find the best option for your dog.

Do you have any other questions about our dog training? Contact us.